Sabrina writes regularly on issues related to technology, power and human rights. She enjoys translating the complexities and impacts of technology and policy on everyday life.

Opinion Writing

Trump’s public charge plan punishes legal immigrants for America’s existing income inequality – NBC News
The administration explicitly disavowed the language chiseled on the Statue of Liberty to defend their new immigration strategy.

Trump’s speech on the Mall praised America, even while we abused human rights at the border – NBC News
A better president could’ve commemorated America in a way that included all that we are and all that we’ve yet failed to become.

Uber and Lyft drivers are using the companies’ algorithms against them – NBC News
Community is more powerful than technology.

Are Facebook and YouTube OK with being used to both support racism and undermine it? – NBC News
Technology companies need to start grappling with oppression when they design their algorithms, not as an afterthought

The ‘Year of the Woman’ forced us to take a step back for every step forward. That isn’t real progress. – NBC News
Focusing on the inclusion of women in politics is misplaced if the structures that promoted our exclusion don’t change.

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation reveals the moral rot that allows America to ignore so many assault survivors – NBC News
The opposition has been a revolution against the shame that victims of sexual violence carry and trauma that erodes our communities.

Black women have political clout on the left. But we deserve political power too – The Guardian
We lead the Democratic party from the margins, called on in times of pain or crisis. Now we must be allowed to lead from center-stage

To end the refugee crisis, we need more than grief. We need to see we’re broken – The Guardian
It’s emotional voyeurism when we fail to care beyond being sad for the victims of the tragedies that our governments helped create and which we all ignored

The Syria peace talks would have a better chance with one key addition: women – The Guardian
Peace is more likely to prevail and hold if women are fully involved in building it